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David de la Mano – Latitude @ Wunderkammern Milan

David de la Mano – Latitude @ Wunderkammern Milan

In his solo show, on view at Wunderkammern Milan through January 21st, 2017 (Via Ausonio 1A, Tue-Sat, 11am-7pm), David de la Mano highlights the dual meaning of the word latitude, and also challenges it to reflect the human condition today and mankind’s moments of evolution and stagnation.
Firstly, there is the use of the term in relation to geography. The artist’s black silhouettes are in constant migration, in a timeless movement towards an unknown promised land. Yet the idea of destination is futile in this case, and the travels are rather Sisyphean than cathartic. These humanoid creatures move in circles guided by the mirage of the journey and the faith in its completion, are absorbed in the vortex of their own fears and hopes or lost in labyrinthine worlds, repeatedly unaware of the misleading paths they blindly – and almost mechanically – follow. Trust (in each other) may be escorting them into the void, as they do not appear to have leaders – each figure resembles its companions, with few differences in size or in the presence/absence of elements such as horns and beaks. No matter the diversity though, there is just one goal, to reach that somewhere, that long awaited answer, that most desirable moment of rest.
Secondly, the exhibition, curated by Giuseppe Pizzuto, is built around the concept of freedom, as well as its opposite – the inability to overcome limits, the captivity of thoughts and emotions. However, David de la Mano is not the creator of dead ends. Accepting and reconnecting with the other and with Nature is liberating, a possible salvation translated into a beautiful representation of oneness. His works are never about the individual facing the world alone. Despite what sets us apart, the experience of life and death, of joy and sorrow, of right and wrong, appears to always be collective. Each action, gesture, step ahead or behind affects and is affected by everything and everyone – we either fall or we rise sooner or later, and the responsibility is on the shoulders of both you and I.

Thanks Andreea Cazan and Re:art by note

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